Rules on Athas

Important rules will be bolded and numbered.

Character Race

Athas is a predominantly Human world. The majority of civilization lives within the walls of a city-state. Listed below are a few additional races in the world of Athas.

  • Mul – half-dwarves (+2 Con; +2 Str or Wis)
  • Thri-Kreen – praying mantis people (+2 Dex; +2 Str or Wis)

The additional benefits of each of the above races will eventually make its way to the character builder application.

Other races exist, Dwarves, Dragonborn (Dray, rare), Eladrin (very rare), Elves (savage, looked down upon in society), Goliath (called Half-Giant here), Half-Elf (not too rare but shunned by both sides), Halflings (cannibals, uncommon), and Tiefling (rare).

Many other races are extinct, including Devas, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Shifters. Many races of monsters are extinct as well, including Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Trolls…there are several more.

1. Any race I’ve listed as “rare” is something that would need my approval. Otherwise all the races are fair game.


Themes are a new feature to the D&D world. A theme represents a character’s career or calling. Just as race and class help to identify your character, your theme adds a new dimension to your character. A theme grants a character an additional power, access to additional powers, feats, and paragon paths.

2. A character should choose a theme at time of creation. Your character can only have 1 theme.

The themes are as follows (more detail can be found as it is added to the character builder or from me).

Athasian Minstrel Entertainer, advisor or assasin
Dune Trader Agent of the merchant houses
Elemental Priest Worshiper of the primal elements
Gladiator Warrior forged in the arena
Noble Adept Privileged and tutored in the Way
Primal guardian Protector of oases and forests
Templar Agent of a sorcerer-king
Veiled Alliance Secret practitioner of magic
Wasteland nomad Raider or scout of the desert
Wilder Hero gifted with psionic talent

Character Backgrounds

Character backgrounds can give an additional clue to a character’s past. Is he an exile? A wanderer? Does he come from a certain area or is he a part of a certain social class?

Backgrounds give an additional bonus to your character – a +2 bonus to skills, access to a skill, access to a language.

Not only do backgrounds give your character a bonus to skills that may be needed to survive, they also give me insight into potential story hooks for your character or party.

3. It is strongly recommended (though not required) that you make at least 1 choice for your character’s background. Two choices is the maximum.


Athas shakes up the D&D world’s power sources. From most common to least, the power sources can be listed as follows – Psionic, Martial, Primal, Arcane. Any class from these power sources are acceptable. Keep in mind that Arcane users are frowned upon, and while they can disguise their use of magic as Psionic or Primal from most people, certain individuals can identify Aracne magic.

4. There are no Gods on Athas. That means no Divine power source. Take your Paladin and Clerics elsewhere.

Wild Talents

Athas is a world suffused with psionic energy. Most everything has at least some psychic ability. The Wild Talent Cantrips offer a small bit of handy power to your character.

5. If you choose to create a character that uses the Psionic power source, you may choose 1 of the Wild Talent Cantrips. If you create a character that does not use the Psionic power source, and you want your character to have some psychic talent, roll 1d10 to pick a random talent.


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