Races in Athas

The races that inhabit Athas are a bit different from some D&D norms. The following is a description of these differences.

Mul +2 Con; +2 Str or Wis;

Half-dwarves descended from the union of a human and a dwarf. They have the stature, agility, and mental flexibility of humankind, coulped with the physical resilience and endurance of dwarves. Muls are highly prized as slaves; in face, most Muls are born into slavery. Muscular and fit, they resemble powerfully built humans. Usually hairless. Common backgrounds include a life of hardship or being a freed slave.

Thri-Kreen +2 Dex; +2 Str or Wis;

Thri-kreen are mantislike humanoids that hunt are survival experts. Thri-kreen are numble, and many also have psionic abilities. Thri-kreen have six limbs and are covered in tough, sandy-colored chitinous plates. Thri-kreen behavior often seems bizarre to other races. Thri-kreen culture centers around combat and the hunt. Their social units are called a Clutch. Some backgrounds include a thri-kreen who has the last of his Clutch, an explorer, or a visionary.


Same as in the PHB. Very versatile, found all over Athas. Pretty much anything you can think of, a human has done it. Most populous of all the races.


Same stats as in the PHB. Pretty much the same culture except Athasian dwarves don’t live in mountains. They remain the most talented stoneworkers and engineers in Athas. Some backgrounds can include mining or artisan related aspects.


Eladrin have the same stats and features as found in the PHB. Eladrin are almost completely unknown to most Athasians. The Fey realm in which their few cities reside has practically vanished – as Athas and the Lands Within the Wind (Fey world) merge. The race has abandoned Arcane magic, viewing it as the agency by which their home plan is being destroyed. The Eladrin fiercely guard the remaining fragments of their homes against reckless spellcasting. Some backgrounds include the haunted survivor and veiled warrior, keeping ancient secrets safe.


Elves are desert rovers whose tribes wander the deserts of Athas. They rarely stay in one place for long. Traders, herders, entertainers, thieves and raiders, the Elves of Athas are considered lazy and deceitful by the other races of Athas. They have little regard for anyone who isn’t a member of their tribe. Some backgrounds involve theiving and raiding the deserts.


The same old outcast race that fits in with neither the humans or elves. Pretty much hated by both sides. Uses the same features and abilities as described in the PHB


Uses the stats and abilities from the PHB. Haling from the Forest Ridge, halfings are mysterious savages. Known for being xenomorphic and cannibalistic, they rarely venture beyond their homeland in the Forest Ridge, a jungle area near the Ringing Mountains. Those who live within the Tyr Region thrive as mercenaries and raiders. Former stewards of the land, few among them remember how the world once was. There are sometimes seen as protectors of nature and as hunters.

Dray (Dragonborn)

Dray utilize the Dragonborn bonuses and features found in the PHB. Created many centuries ago by the sorcerer-king of Giustenal to serve as a race of sorcerous warriors. Most dray were cast out of Giustenal and many were killed when it was destroyed. Those who survive are a race of mercenaries, sorcerers, and slave traders known for their calculating ways. They form tight-knit clans with one another to survive. Backgrounds relate to their sorcerous nature and to being a member of a clan.

Half-Giant (Goliath)

Half-Giants utilize the Goliath bonuses and features found in the PHB2. Centuries ago, sorcerer-kings magically combined giants and humans to reed powerful minions, creating the half-giants. Over the years, many half-giants have found their way into the untamed reaches of Athas. Half-giants live in fractious tribes where the young challenge chieftains. Half-gaints may be renowned gladiators or raiders, noble guards or laborers.


Same as described in the PHB. A nomadic people who lurk on the fringes of civilization. Usually looked down upon.


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