Campaign Notes and Special Rules

The rules page was getting a bit long, so here are a few additional things to note about Athas. Any rules will be numbered and bolded.

Weapon Breakage

In a world where metal is rarity and weapons are made of rock and stone, some items are prone to breaking. I like the Reckless Breakage method.

1. When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll your weapon has a chance to break. You can accept the natural 1 and automatically miss, keeping the weapon intact. Alternatively, you can reroll the attack roll and potentially hit. If you are using a non-metal weapon, this weapon will break once the rerolled attack is completed. If you are using a metal weapon, the weapon will only break if you reroll a natural 5 or lower.

Magic Items and the Fixed Enchantment Bonus

Food, water, and shelter are among the most valuable commodities on Athas. Athas is barren and generally resource poor. It will be difficult to hoard wealth and magical items on Athas. As the character’s level increases, they will be gaining additional bonuses to damage, attack, and defenses. These bonuses count as Enchantment bonuses and can be outweighed by the discovery of a magical item.

2. Fixed enchantment bonuses take effect at level 2 (+1 to attack and damage) and level 4 (same as before and +1 to defenses). These gradually scale upwards towards a +6 / +6 bonus.

Overland Movement and Survival Days

The terrain of Athas is difficult to cross in many place. Generally, character movement on a large scale is hindered in some way. This means that it usually takes longer to reach a destination. Survival Days represent the necessities of survival for a medium creature (food, water, etc). These are very important to survival.

3. Survival Days will be obtained in various ways. They must be used to remain supplied after an extended rest. They can be sold to people in need.

Bonus Feat

4. Each character may choose a bonus feat – Implement Expertise (type) OR Weapon Expertise (type). This feat can be trained multiple times for different implement or weapon types though only 1 is free. This provides a +1 bonus to hit when using the specified implement or weapon type.


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