Compiled Rules

*1. The people of Athas are a bit different from your average D&D world. Some races are unique. Some have a different history and lore. Many are extinct or incredibly rare. In summary, I’d like to know and approve the PC’s. Please recognize that some races are restricted in this campaign.

2. Character Themes are important. They give your character a unique flavor. They also impart valuable skills and background options. They provide your character with an even larger pool of powers to select at various levels. They are also optional. There are really only advantages to be gained from selecting a theme.

3. Backgrounds will also give your character a bonus (or access to) certain skills. Think of a somewhat interesting back-story for your character and give him some flavor. He can come from a specific region, have an interesting former career, be on the run from someone (or groups of someones), be an outcast from his tribe…the list is exhaustive. Chose 0, 1, or 2 backgrounds for your character. You can of course have more than 2 backgrounds but I won’t let them provide any additional bonuses to skills.

4. Character classes are a bit more restricted. There are no Divine Gods, thus no Divine power source (no Cleric, Paladin, Avenger, Invoker). Most people have some sort of psionic power, thus the Psionic power source is a bit more prevalent. Primal spirits and Martial prowess are also pretty big. Magic (read, Arcane power source) is frowned upon. Smart people can recognize Arcane magic and cause trouble. No Swordmage either, he’s from Forgotten Realms.

5. Wild Talents offer a bit of Wizard like Cantrips to your character. Think of telepathic speech, moving/lifting small objects. Any PC who uses the Psionic power source may pick 1 Wild Talent. Any non-Psionic user who chooses to do so may roll 1d10 to pick a Wild Talent.

6. Weapons are made from inferior material on Athas. On an attack roll where a 1 is rolled, the character’s weapon may break. If the weapon is non-metal and the character chooses to do so, he may reroll that attack roll (for a potential hit). The weapon breaks after the attack is resolved. For a metal weapon, the same is true but the weapon will not break unless the reroll is a natural 5 or lower.

7. Magical weapons and armor are a bit more rare on Athas. Characters will receive a scaling bonus (based on their level) that will increase a variety of parameters. To-hit, damage, AC, Fortitude, Reflex, Will will all receive this scaling bonus over time. Critical hits are also granted a 1d6 per plus in this fashion. This bonus does not supersede a magic weapon’s enchantment bonus (if you find a weapon with a better enchantment bonus than you already have, you get the weapon’s bonus, not both).

8. Each character will receive some bonus feats upon creation. Each character will receive their preferred Expertise feat. Additionally, any non-Strength class (those classes who’s primary ability is not Strength) will receive Melee Training (for their primary ability).*


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