The Sands of Athas

The Arena

Locke has come to Tyr, looking for part of his past. Korbac has come to Tyr in search of a purpose, or to kill some slavers. Pen is on a quest to destroy defiling mages.

These three were (un)willingly placed in Tyr’s fighting arena for sport. Taking part in a Free For All battle, Locke and Korbac joined forces, while Pen looked on from his perch. After surviving the melee, the trio were forced into a battle against a creature they had never seen before – an Id Fiend.

The Id Fiend incapacitated Korbac with its final strikes, though it was soundly defeated. A male Dwarf named Markus Stoneblood, an experienced gladiator, advised the group on some battle tactics.

The group was placed back into their holding cell after the battle, but all was not right. A great battle was taking place above, the sounds of death and horror echoing throughout the arena. Then, there was silence.

A hooded figure negotiated and released the group. The hooded figure, Elarus, removed the group from the arena. An ominous obelisk was sighted in the middle of the arena, along with numerous corpses. Only Pen recognized the obelisk as what it was, an object of terrifying defiling power.



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